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In-House Training

Customized training right at your location. Linda is a truly outstanding sales trainer, combining many years of sales experience with a passion and a talent for sharing her knowledge and expertise. The sales training programs are delivered in a lively manner and are completely focused on sales performance improvement. The sales training courses range from half-day ‘energizers’ to three-day ‘immersion’ courses. They are tailored to meet YOUR particular needs.


Teleclasses are live, interactive training classes conducted over the telephone. You will receive timely tips, tools, strategies and techniques over the telephone that can benefit your business immediately. Teleclasses are convenient. You can call from the comfort of your home or office while eliminating travel time and expenses. Teleclasses are hassle free. No commuting hassles…no rush hour traffic to deal with…no parking problems. Teleclasses save you time. A one-hour call is just one hour. No need to include commuting time or parking time with your class time.

How does Teleclass Work?
All you need is a telephone. You can make the call from your home or office (or car or boat or airplane!);  Wherever you are, if there is a telephone, you can take a teleclass. Teleclasses are highly interactive. Just like a live seminar, students may participate as much –or as little — as they wish. Teleclasses are cutting-edge learning. This new and exciting learning modality attracts a select group of people who want to be in the forefront, take risks, grow and evolve!

This program is packed with valuable content:

  • Pre-call Planning
  • Call Objectives
  • Opening Statement Techniques
  • Question Skills
  • Closing Skills
  • Call Reluctance
  • Self-Motivation

Coaching for Individual and Teams

Many clients like using Linda as a Sales Coach.  They check in with her on a daily or weekly basis and she holds them accountable to their prospecting goals.

The sales coaching program combing a proven, practical coaching methodology with customized exercises that produce results.

This program has been designed to enable sales reps to develop the skills and strategies needed to elevate their performance and close more sales. Focusing on short and long-term action steps to achieve sales success.

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