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Linda Kester has helped thousands of sales people achieve their goals.

Working with Linda you will develop the knowledge and skills to create a sales career filled with passion, achievement and reward. Learn how to become a stronger, more resourceful and powerful salesperson.

“I can’t remember sitting through an entire day of training with one presenter and never yawning once. Linda was fantastic, inspirational, entertaining, and informative.”

Jasna Orsonic Lionhart Capital

In House Training

Customized training right at your location. Linda is a truly outstanding sales trainer, combining many years of sales experience with a passion and a talent for sharing her knowledge and expertise. Read more

Teleclasses (Webinar Training)

Teleclasses are live, interactive training classes conducted over the telephone. You will receive timely tips, tools, strategies and techniques over the telephone that can benefit your business immediately. Read more

Coaching for Individuals and Teams

Many clients like using Linda as a Sales Coach.  They check in with her on a daily or weekly basis and she holds them accountable to their prospecting goals. Read more

Books, Audios, Videos, Online Courses

You can learn the strategies, tools and tactics to strengthen your business, optimize the use of your time and employ the methods needed to reach sales success.

Free Email Tips

Increasing income and sales results is a step-by-step process. Empower yourself by getting tips and new ideas here.


Linda’s blog is unique, authentic and relevant. Click here for cutting edge strategies and to join the discussion.


Helping people like YOU increase sales and profits for over 25 years


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Success feels incredible- schedule your training today and reach the measurable results that you want.