These are eight of our most popular programs:

  • Powerful Prospecting Skills

    Powerful Prospecting Skills

    Discover the secrets to successful cold calls. Learn how to shorten the sales cycle and get your prospect to tell you how to sell to him.

  • How To Double Your Sales

    How To Double Your Sales Without Doubling Your Effort

    Workshop focuses on building customer rapport and loyalty to increase repeat business.

  • Selecting the Right People

    Selecting the Right People

    How to recruit, determine motivation level, and interview potential candidates.

  • Managing and Motivating

    Managing and Motivating Sales Reps

    How to get your reps to make their numbers and keep moral high.

  • Step by Step Telemarketing

    Step by Step Telemarketing

    Make the telephone work for you. The first twenty seconds of a prospect call over the phone are the most important. Learn how to get around voice mail and get the decision maker interested in you.

  • Time Management

    Time Management

    Learn how to organize your desk and files, implement a calendar planning system, and gain an hour a day with time saving tips.

  • Advanced Strategies

    Advanced Strategies for Reaching Your Goals

    Turn your dreams into realities. Identify your top ten goals and learn the keys to achieving them.

  • Business Ethics

    Business Ethics Seminar

    An Exploration of Business Ethics is a dynamic workshop designed to show participants why ethical behavior is personally advantageous and a direct result of personal development.

“Working Together for Practical Methods of Success”