“I have known Linda for 12 years and she has provided training to our company over the past 7 years. As you would expect, Linda is a true professional. She is reliable, well prepared, engaging and knowledgeable. But her “inner person” is what truly sets her apart. Linda has a real passion for sales training and is genuine in every sense of the word. She is trustworthy and truly cares about the people she works with as well as the results she achieves; an admirable trait in today’s business environment. Needless to say, I would highly recommend Linda for everything from basic training to motivational speaking events.”

Stuart Brown, President, Capital Innovations

Linda's energy is second to none. I can't wait to implement the ideas.

Kevin Spillane - CIT

Well prepared, professional and pragmatic.

Roger Franco, Capital Conduit Partners

Linda is funny, and articulate and witty. That is a rare quality in sales training materials!

Debra Politz Chase Industries

New and fresh point of view on selling techniques!

Stephanie VeVore Preferred Lease

I can’t remember sitting through an entire day of training with one presenter and never yawning once. Linda was fantastic, inspirational, entertaining, and informative.

Jasna Orsonic Lionhart Capital

Energetic seminar with practical tips that can be implemented quickly

Keith Reilly, BB&T

I feel re-energized and have an improved sense of pride as a leasing sales professional.

Kyle Bressler CIT

Linda’s knowledge and enthusiasm is, as always, exceptional.

Marcus Simpson, Associated Capital

High energy with real life examples

Tim Boyle, BB&T Equipment Finance

Linda is an enthusiastic speaker and she makes training fun.

Jeff Kale, BB&T Equipment Finance

I am already on my second reading of your valuable book, 366 Marketing Tips for Equipment Leasing. I recommend it to novices like myself as well as veterans of the game.

Justin S. Smith Pinnacle Business Finance

Linda’s sessions were a fantastic mix of skill development and a positive attitude adjustment. Coupled together those will make productive, successful sales professionals.

David Marano Avaya Financial Services

Linda was able to take a subject I knew nothing about (social networking) and make it understandable, easy & less intimidating.

Joe Fiore – First Financial LLC

That was very good (conference call). I'm your new number one fan.

Ari Rosen Blackstone - Ontario Canada

You are very good at what you do and have a gift at communicating with others.

Jim Dubos

Premiere – Atlanta GA

“A very through, energetic presentation to a group that can be very difficult to deal with. Well done!”

Kevin Cavalieri M&T Credit Corp

“In all the years of attending workshops at NAELB conferences, I think this session at the September (2008) Western Regional Conference was the most valuable to me. During these rough economic times, and with lease volume slipping, we need to take action like only a real pro such as
Linda Kester can share with us. I learned so many new tips on how to capture more business, especially now. Even though I have been in leasing since 1975, I walked away from this session with some fantastic proven tips from Linda to grow my own business despite the economic downturn we all are feeling. If any of you would like me to share them with you,  I would welcome your calls. If you didn’t attend the Western conference, you missed a great opportunity with a master in selling. Thank you, Linda, for sharing your secrets with our members. I came home with a real fire in my belly again.”
(Emphasis added.)

Rosanne Wilson, CLP (NAELB Director-at-Large) of 1st Independent Leasing, Inc. in Beaverton, Oregon,

Your book is awesome, just what the industry needed.

Thanks for all you've done!

Mike McNeil, Alliance Funding - Orange, California

This is a fantastic book to help your new reps start to uncover what will actually put them on the road to greatness within your sales organization. In addition to, this is one of the best refreshers for sales reps who have forgotten a few tips to help them on their quest to build stronger selling relationships and to continually build a bigger funnel of business. This book is a “Must Read” for my entire staff. It is a book that hits home, easy to read, and does not forget about the day to day things each successful salesperson must continually do to surpass their goals.

Jennifer Cara Mintz Avaya Financial Services
Director of Sales, Express Sales Division

I want to thank you again for speaking at today’s Audio Conference. You gave an awesome presentation! Also, thank you for being such a pleasure to work with. You really helped make this process go very smoothly from start to finish.

Michael Lynch, Progressive Business Conf.

I love your book — really. It is easy to read, can be read in small pieces and picked up later — a great book for a sales rep to keep on her desk, and may another copy on the back of her toilet — no kidding.

M. Witt

Linda Kester’s book has concise marketing tips written with energy, passion and a sense of humor.

Take tip # 16 ” Be fun to do business with” Or tip # 13 – “combine action with unwavering faith in yourself” and you get a feel for the way business marketing can be used in its purest form. This book gives you a handle on dealing effectively and will help solidify your way of doing business.

Tip # 18 – “Send candy, how can you go wrong?!” Tips the scales (figuratively) in your favor. This book has positive, inspirational and thought provoking ideas and is a must read for business professionals in any field.

Robin Homer, Innovative Capital

IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited thank you for the GREAT – GREAT – advice!

I was making my calls today, just left my name and number nothing else and voila – 2 call backs !!!!

Needless to say I am in absolute SHOCK! Happy shock but shock none the less!!!!!

Linda, I can’t thank you enough.

Susan Zide, Lease One

“If Linda could bottle the energy and excitement that she brought into my organization it would be very lucrative!”

Chuck Seergy Leasing Partners Capital

Hey Linda! I told you before I read your book and see your articles online from time to time. I flip through the marketing book you wrote pretty often, and the other day I read where you said that if you see a company van or truck ride by, give them a call (you worded this differently, but you know what I’m talking about). I did just that for the first time today, and the plumbing company I called is buying equipment in the next month and want me to help with it!! I know this has worked for you before and just wanted to tell you about it!! Thank Linda, keep putting out your info because it certainly helps us!!

Waylon Hinson
Fortis Capital

I thoroughly enjoy listening to your conference calls. Your approach to prospecting and selling is valuable and is very logical and methodical in comparison to the typical sales methods. What really resonated with me was your take away statement regarding falling in love with what we are offering and sell that love to your lessee and vendors; get excited about leasing and pass that excitement on.

Abby McQueen – Commercial Equipment Finance

I have been reading your book and love, love, love it!

Jeannie Critelli Kinetic Leasing Fargo, ND

Linda shows great enthusiasm and does an excellent job of keeping her audience involved and interested.

John Pollock The Manifest Group

I wanted to thank you so much for the time you took with us in our training class.  It was a great class.  You kept everyone involved; there was a lot of interaction; you kept everyone laughing :-))  You were definitely made to be a trainer.  I learned a lot.  Thank you so much!

Dyan Nill VP, Ops & Sales Patriot Mortgage Group

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